Product range​

Hotels and resorts

Modular units are used to create ready-made hotel rooms, fully furnished in controlled conditions, and by connecting them on location, high-quality and fast construction of hotel and apartment accommodation is achieved. The application of HI-TECH modular construction systems enables fast and high-quality construction of buildings and a high level of furnished. Moduleform systems enable various architectural designs as well as the application of all types of aluminum facade envelopes.

Office buildings

The use of one or more modular units achieves an elegant space for multipurpose use. Applying a higher level of security suitable for offices, banks, insurance companies, restaurants or bars. Moduleform systems are characterized by an expressive anti-seismic steel structure, compact construction and a high degree of energy saving.

Residential buildings

The residential building consists of an independent residential unit (apartment), communication and ancillary space. In modular housing design, one or more modules are used to create adequate living space. Modular HI-TECH construction systems represent the application of high technology and industrially processed elements, and as such modular structures are transport to the location and joined into a building.

Public facilities

The use of modular units achieves modern spaces that make up public facilities such as: buildings for education (all types of schools), buildings for social purposes (kindergartens, nurseries), buildings for health purposes (clinics, hospitals)…. Moduleform systems are characterized by a high degree of energy saving, expressive anti-seismic construction and freedom in the architectural design of space.

Family houses / Villas

The most important thing for every individual is the home, that is, the space in which they live. With modular elements, you create a “free plan”, according to the architect Adolf Loos, it is not the floor plan, cross-section and facade that is designed, but the space that acquires adequate dimensions and proportions. The application of the moduleform system ensures the rapid construction of a modern, energy-efficient, stable house built under controlled conditions.

Tiny houses

Tiny houses is an architectural minimalist modular unit that reduces and simplifies the living space. It is designed according to the principle of minimal lifestyle and simplicity, and is preferred by those who are interested in a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Tiny house offers a space with the necessary comfort, technology and aesthetics where you can enjoy natural beauty through all four seasons. Various forms and the use of modern materials achieve attractive accommodation spaces in hard-to-reach locations. Tiny house modular units are increasingly used in luxury resorts and premium camps.

Mobile homes

Mobile homes are luxurious holiday accommodations that provide the necessary comfort and experience of freedom in nature. Innovative construction technology guarantees the durability of the structure, while designer equipment and furniture are used in the interior. MODULEFORM mobile homes guarantee a unique design with a wide range of looks and interior variants, as well as different floor plan solutions and spatial orientations. Large glass openings and sliding doors enable the connection of the mobile home with the outdoor terrace and nature.