Centar Kaptol

Year of production: 2023.
Location: Centar, Zagreb
Surface: 1.650 m2
System: Modular units
Number of modules: 46

In the center of the city of Zagreb, an additional floor was upgraded from a modular system on the existing building. Six luxury apartments are located in the newly constructed extension. Modular HI-TECH construction systems represent the application of high technology and industrially processed elements, and as such modular structures are mounted on the roof of an existing building. Moduleform systems are characterized by an expressive anti-seismic steel structure, compact construction and a high degree of energy saving.

The envelope of the building is constructed as an aluminum curtain wall facade with three-layer insulating glass, while the parapet fields are constructed from aluminum composite panels in the ventilated facade system. The opening facade elements are made of panorama sliding doors without a threshold and with invisible profiles. The glass facade is additionally equipped with external blinds as protection from the sun. The solid elements of the building are made in layers with thermal insulation from natural cellulose, which is an ecologically sustainable material and the most effective insulator of heat and noise. In addition, a flat roof covered with extensive greenery is constructed above the entire building..