Chalet Luiv

Year of production: 2022.
Location: Mrkopalj, Gorski kotar
Surface: 450 m2
System: Modular units
Number of modules: 20

The modular villa is located on the hill of the town of Mrkopalj with a beautiful view of the cradle of the Croatian ski resort Čelimbaš. The villa is unobtrusively woven into the very core of untouched nature. Huge glass openings and a aluminum facade with adaptive brown pigment create a unique and modern look that is both functional and beautiful. In the interior, the central palette of materials is represented by wood, which maintains a deep connection with nature and a space filled with natural light. The main focus is the perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetics. In the villa, you get the hedonism associated with premium hotels with the luxury of private accommodation.