Gava Resort

Year of production: 2019.
Location: Milna, otok Bra─Ź
Surface: 2000 m2
System: Modular units
Number of modules: 50

Individual hotel-type accommodation made with moduleform technology and contemporary materials, which enables a pleasant stay throughout the season. Modular houses are designed as two types of accommodation, Family zone and Couples zone. Family units consist of a spacious living room with a large bathroom and a master bedroom, while Couple units are prepared as swimm up hotel rooms with a spacious bathroom.

Natural cellulose is used as thermal insulation, which is an ecologically sustainable material and the most effective insulator of heat and noise. The facade is made as a ventilated facade in a combination of HPL exterior panels in wood decor and profilated aluminum panels. The glass openings are made of aluminum profiles with thermal bridge.