Technical description

Buildings are all built with 100% structural steel frames which enables developers and architects to buildt different shapes buildings.

Module construction

Composed of structural assemblies of the modular unit according to the designs, static calculation type AFs09 adapted to the project. All elements are made of steel profiles according to EN 10025, EN 10210, EN 10219. The construction is performed in accordance with the Technical Regulation for Structural Engineering; standard EN 1090-2: 2011: Construction of steel and aluminum structures for the EXC 2 performance class, and proof of welding performance according to EN ISO 3834-3: 2007.

Corrosion protection is performed for category C3 according to EN ISO 12944-2. Hot-dip galvanized binder according to EN ISO 10684: 2004.

Thermal insulation

The modular unit consists of a thermally insulated floor, walls and roof. As thermal insulation, natural cellulose deposited in the structure by blowing under pressure to fill all the gaps and achieve a minimum density of 55-65kg /m3. The cellulose is protected by a watertight, vapor-permeable film from the outside with a minimum surface thickness of 160 g / m2, with tear-resistance according to EN 12310. On the inside, a steam dam is installed, which achieve maximum comfort in the space.


Exterior walls and facades are created from a ventilated facade system. The substructure is made of aluminum and structurally separates the ventilated façade with the airiness layer from the thermal insulation. As a finishing facade are used: aluminum coffered facade, compact HPL panels, fiber cement panels for facades or roof and facade finishes of aluminum profiled panels 400-600 mm wide laid windproof with all the necessary masks for complete functionality and readiness of walls and roof. Thermal conductivity coefficient 0,33 W/m2K.


The module floor is made as a self-supporting thermally insulated floor, capacity 2,4 kN / m2. The floor is made of waterproof cement boards, without formaldehyde with a 3 mm vinyl finish (flammability according to EN 13501-1, EN 13893 non-slip floor). The floor finishing is attached to the board with an ecological dispersion-based adhesive. Floor thermal conductivity coefficient 0,48 W/m2K.

Walls and ceiling

The final layer of the interior walls and ceilings consists of refined chipboard in a combination of fireproof gypsum boards in two layers, finally painted in the tone of your choice. The final layer can also be natural concrete.

Intermediate construction

The mezzanine structure consists of the ceiling of the lower module and the floor of the upper module. The modular mezzanine construction completely separates the apartments and there is no noise transmission and the degree of energy savings is increased.

Glass openings

Facade glass openings made of aluminum profiles with thermal block. Profiles are made of high-grade aluminum alloy AlMg 0,5Si 0,4Fe 0,2 (alloy 6060). Glazing with safety insulating glass 32 mm thick, configuration 8ESG+16mm 90%Ar+44.2 Low-E, g=31, LT= 50%,LR= 20%, Ug=1,10W/m²K. The total thermal conductivity coefficient satisfies Uw≤1,4 W/m2K and must meet the airtightness of at least class 4 according to EN12207 and the watertightness of at least E1500Pa according to EN12208.


Electrical installations, water and drainage installations and mechanical installations are compatible with the design of modular units. Installations are performed in layers of floors, walls and ceilings and as such remain invisible in space. Electrical installations are performed with a distributor with circuit breakers and FID switch. Modular type light switches, complete with mounting box, bracket and frame. All installed wires and cables meet the N.C3.220 standard. Water installation performed with solid multilayer pipe reinforced with aluminum PE-Xc / Al / PE-HD. Pipes for operating pressure PN 10 bar and maximum operating water temperature 95 ° C according to DIN 16892 and 16893. Pipes connected with “press” couplings for the main distribution of sanitary cold and hot water. Drainage made of sound-optimized three-layer polypropylene (PP-MD) drainage pipes made in accordance with EN 1451-1: 2000, for vertical and horizontal distribution and connections of sanitary objects in the floor and / or wall, with watertight plug-in connection, with sound-enhanced drainage system.